Hello, Bonjour, Aloha!

Welcome to And Then It Hit Me (ATIHM), a multidisciplinary health and wellness space offering medical, mental and emotional support to survivors of all trauma, cofounded by Lindsay Sproat and Frances-Rose Sotto.

We will make a difference in the world of recovery. We may never be able to wear heels again, but we will forever rock our dresses in chucks. Are you with us?

Recovery takes patience, and everything you’ve got!

About Us

And Then It Hit Me (ATIHM) is a Canadian-based podcast offering medical, mental and emotional support to address the gaps and obstacles trauma survivors typically face day-to-day. Through our channel, we are working diligently to build programs supporting and motivating trauma survivors globally.

We aim to raise awareness and break the stigma around mental health and special needs. Our mission is to create and connect a network of survivors, caregivers and medical professionals for optimal physical and psychological recovery.